Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good Morning Silly World

It has already been an interesting morning. First of all I tried to steal the Temple Presidency's parking spot while returning to recover my personal belongings. I had left my beautiful Thailand handcrafted bracelet which I love and my lip gloss in the pocket of the temple dress I had rented. Silly me, it wasnt as big of a deal as I thought. But what better place to lose something than at the Temple :) After this I drove to work, EARLY believe it or not! And while driving to work I passed a golf course, for which I will now explain. This amusement of mine might be due to my inexperience with golfing but as I drove past I saw a group of men, strolling along the fairway of green, pushing what looked to be those 3 wheeled running strollers, carrying however, golf equipment instead of babies. I found this scene to be mildly amusing. It might however, be a result from arising so early this morning :) 

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